Spa Services

Say hello to a brand new, more blissful, you.

  • Hours of Operation :
    Fitness area open from 5 am - 9 pm
    Monday-Thursday 8am - 7pm
    Friday-Sunday 8am-8pm
  • Reservations: Please call for availability
  • Please note: All Beau Rivage guests must be 18 or older to reserve and use services in the spa. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your first appointment.
  • Fitness Center: Receive complimentary use of the Fitness Center with any spa service.
  • Facility Fees: $25 per day for hotel guests without a spa appointment.
    $75 per day for non-hotel guests without a spa appointment.
    Receive complimentary access to facilities with $50 in spa or salon services.

    The facility fee entitles you to use of separate men's and women's steam rooms, saunas, indoor Jacuzzis and shower facilities, as well as access to the co-ed solarium.
For spa reservations call 1-888-750-7111 ext 7472 or 228-386-7472

Customized Massage Experience
This unique massage customized just for you is an incredible journey created for anyone looking to enjoy an array of pressure from Swedish to Deep Tissue throughout the massage as well as selecting any two of our massage enhancements of your choice! If you are unsure or do not want to have to decide which pressure is best for you, this massage is a perfect solution to fully customize this specifically to your needs!
$165 / 50 MIN

Beau Spa Signature Massage
This massage offers a relaxing and indulgent experience unique to Beau Spa. Inlcuded is a full body Swedish-style massage with a focus area of deeper work. If you want to relax, but still have a specific area that you would like more intense pressure focused on then this is the massage for you!
$125 / 50 MIN
$185 / 80 MIN
$265 / 110 MIN

Deep South Massage
Deep rhythmic pressure massage specifically intended to alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful, deep tissue massage. Dynamic blends of Essential Oils are provided to target individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.
$140 / 50 MIN
$195 / 80 MIN

Swedish Massage
This classic Swedish style uses soothing strokes of light to moderate pressure to promote balance and harmony by cleansing the body of toxins to achieve a peaceful relaxation.
$115 / 50 MIN
$175 / 80 MIN
$250 / 110 MIN

Mellow Mamma Prenatal Massage
This soothing massage is specifically designed for expecting mothers. You will feel completely relaxed and renewed before baby arrives!(Must be past 1st trimester)
$125 / 50 MIN

Hand, Foot and Scalp Massage
Enjoy the decadence of this massage with focused areas on your hands, feet and scalp only. Total relaxation from (almost) head to toe!
$115 / 50 MIN

Me + My Beau Couples Massage
Enjoy our Beau Spa Signature massage side-by-side with that special someone for your massage experience, a sure treat with no special occasion necessary!
$250 / 50 MIN
$370 / 80 MIN
$530 / 110 MIN

In-Room Massage
For the days where you just don't to leave your suite, but are in the mood for total restfulness and Zen; this is the massage for you. Let us bring the peacefulness and decadence of relaxation to your suite for you!
$195 / 50 MIN
$275 / 80 MIN

Massage Enhancements
Warm Stone - $25
Fire and Ice - $15
Customized Aromatherapy - $15
Frangipani Hot Oil Scalp - $35
Hand and Foot Ritual - $25


Embark on an enchanting sensorial journey filled with floral notes of Cherry Blossom and Lotus Flower to relax the body and nourish your skin. Our signature body treatment incorporates a warm exfoliating cream to soften and smooth the skin. A unique, invigorating, reflexology inspired, foot massage flows into a relaxing full body massage using warmed aromatic shea butter to bring blissful relaxation to your mind body and soul.
$250 / 80 MIN

Ceremonial Body Ritual
An aromatic and exhilarating body treatment with cinnamon and ginger extracts. Your sensory experience begins with an exfoliating scrub infused with nutmeg, ginger and bitter orange to smooth and soften the skin. Invigorating, spicy notes will continue to stimulate your senses as smooth stones enveloped in soft gauze are drenched in warmed aromatic oil and massaged over the body.
$235 / 80 MIN

Elixir Body Exfoliation
A couture experience tailored to the needs of your wellbeing. Customized with a selection of botanical essences and massage medium to nourish, hydrate or quench your skin. An invigorating sugar and salt scrub to smooth and soften your skin is followed by a relaxing massage to promote overall wellness.
$155 / 50 MIN

Art De Beaute
A luxurious multi-sensorial treatment, where art meets beauty is a one-of-a-kind experience designed to indulge your senses and provide an unparalleled level of relaxation. An inviting palette of sensations where your body is the canvas and the therapist's hands are the brush; combining delicate scents, soft textures, vibrant color and relaxing music provide the backdrop for this ultimate body experience. Awaken the senses with a unique Watercolor scrub and then slowly drift into a state of complete tranquility with our exclusive sculpting porcelain spoon massage followed by our signature relaxing massage.
$265 / 80 MIN

BEAUtifully Bronzed Spray Tan
That glowing, sun-kissed look-without the sun!

Your Day at the Spa:

  • We request that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your first appointment in order to check in, relax and prepare for your treatments. If you are late for your service, it will be shortened to allow the therapist to be on time for his/her next appointment.
  • We ask that you shower before any massage or body treatments as well as prior to entering the plunge pools.
  • Heat treatments are not recommended for pregnant women and guests with heart conditions or high blood pressure.
  • Shaving is not recommended before a body treatment, men's facial or pedicure. If you choose to shave, please shave at least 8 hours prior to your service.
  • Time spent in the 104-degree plunge pool, sauna or steam room should not exceed ten (10) minutes.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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