Asia without borders

  • Hours of Operation:
    Opens at 5:00pm
    Closed Wednesday & Thursday
  • Dining Attire: Smart/casual
  • Reservations: Suggested
For dining reservations:
Call 1.888.952.2582 or

for Traditional Seating

for Teppan Seating

Love Asian cuisine? Then you will adore Jia for artfully combining the best culinary traditions of Japan, Thailand, China, Korea and Vietnam in one modern, sophisticated space. This Pan-Asian restaurant concept encourages you to mix and match regional favorites – each dish the dining equivalent of a passport stamp for the seasoned traveler. For those not already intimately acquainted with the breadth of Asian cooking, Jia is an immersion course in flavor. The stylishly Zen-inspired décor sets the stage for a menu that blends the exotic with sublime simplicity.

Focusing on the freshest seasonal ingredients and authentic techniques, Jia delivers sizzling platters of expertly prepared meats, seafood, noodles and rice specialties. Small plates of dim sum, steaming soups and refreshing salads make fantastic accompaniments to any meal. Indulge in traditional nigiri, maki, temaki and sashimi from the sushi bar -- or opt for teppanyaki and be dazzled by culinary fireworks, courtesy of your personal chef.

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